The third generation

„We can observe the familiar phenomenon when the trauma outlives the sufferer, when the ’inheritance’ of the ascendants builds into the lives of the children, successors in an unconscious ways. Psychological research has shown how the trauma outlives generations, how even the third generation has a share of the suffering, how they are burdened by the experienced, unconsciously transferred trauma.” Ágnes Losonczi (sociologist)

In order to achieve this series of photographs I have choosen subjects from my own generations’ people, whose family members were participants of one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century Hungarian history: the tragedy of the Second Hungarian Army at the bend of the River Don (Russia), where 150-200 thousand soldiers have perished as a consequence of a wrong political decision. This trauma and its consequences can still be assessed among the members of todays society. Symptomatic is the fact that this trauma is not articulated in contemporary everyday discussions. The eyes covered by dogtags symbolize the ’injury of the individual’ as a result of trans-generational trauma. The series of photographs is meant to reveal this psycho-social phenomenon which eventually to some extent affects the entire society.