The Deal
In the spirit of Chi Pen’s below-mentioned action, I gave a picture I took in England in exchange for one of his prints, as a reference to the trade route linking the East to the West, passing through Hungary along the way.

Chi Peng, young Chinese has become sad (just like the Monkey King) in the course of his journeys in the West, that Chinese markets across Europe have been inundated with “tacky”. And so he resolved to create a market based on reciprocal barter. He has printed one of the sheets of his photo series, Sprinting Forward, in one thousand exemplars, on paper of superior quality, which he had transported from Beijing to Budapest. This is exactly the same route along which others – painfully to Chi Peng – transport shoddy goods.

The visitor will be able to exchange the A/4-format colour sheets (Made in China), in a numbered edition, clipped to a line along the wall and exhibited for a week on the third floor of the Ludwig Museum , for their own drawing they have brought with them, or photograph, or any small object (Made in Hungary).
Budapest 2007