The 25-story skyscraper in the historical city of Pécs is one of the imprints of the Soviet era. The building is a memento, towering above the city, a charactersitic element on the urban horizon. The skyscraper was built using Yugoslavian technologies in the 1970s, and became uninhabitable after 13 years, resulting in the evacuation of its residents during the Christmas of 1989. 20 years later, the little square before the abandoned building symbolizes – not only literally – the emptiness of the present. This space used to be bursting with life and now it is an abandoned and neglected place.
Our project reflects on this situation. It evokes memories of the past and puts an end to this period.
We placed an intercom next to the building. By pushing a button, passersby can listen to a brief interview made with the former residents of the given apartment about what it was like to live there and what the building meant to them. The project is titled “21 dialogues”, referring to the number of families who were first found and interviewed.
People who are interested are thus granted the opportunity to become acquainted with the building’s “subjective memory”.